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Classes and Events: The Basics

Cherokee PhoenixWe are Cherokee and spend our days learning and using life ways that were and continue to be very successful. We are working every day towards self-sufficiency, to grow, hunt and forage our own food, preserve for the lean months, and restore land that was failing. On our homestead teaching farm we practice permaculture and regenerative ag (small-scale). We employ organic practices, companion planting, and believe the healthier the dirt the more productive the environment.

And a huge part of our mission is to pass on the knowledge we have and gain to those who are seeking it. And we believe children learning the forgotten ways is critically important, especially right now. We have home schooled our kids for 5 years now and they are just about done. They are strong, outgoing, independent and self-sufficient. They laugh and romp and roam. And have become wonderful teachers alongside us. We teach people of all ages!

Summer Camp At Lsr 3We open our doors here at Longshadows to those seeking to learn for themselves or expose their children to the knowledge of a working farm. How do we plant and harvest? What about those horses, chickens, ducks, bees, rabbits and sheep? What bugs are good in the garden and why? How to we make the soil better? And catch rainwater and generate power? For people considering a life like this, we offer practical knowledge to help you build your dream.

Our classes are not anything like book learning. Instead, through working with us here on the farm, children and adults get to see knowledge they have gained applied in the real world. We incorporate chemistry, physics, mathematics, biological sciences like botany and ecology, and Cherokee culture and life ways. Participants are asked to problem solve and take responsibility for tasks appropriate to their age. They are encouraged to bond with the animals and help care for them.

We encourage you to come and visit. We are open M-F, 8-5 and Sat 8-12. If you come on a Wed through May 24 we will be having class, but that would give you a sense of if this is a good fit for you and your family. We cannot really spend any one on one time with you, but you could always come another time as well.

Homeschool Sessions

  • Homeschool Class Sept 2023 – May 2024 Wednesday farm school, 12:30-4:30, with snack – In progress, Full
  • Summer Camp for Kids 2024 – we will offer several sessions this summer and will post the details here as soon as they are finalized.
  • Homeschool Class Sept – Dec 2024 – more details will be posted soon.

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Other Classes

  • Hands-On, A Cherokee Ways Class March 2024 – May 2024 – a weekly class for basket weaving, candle dipping, beading, food preservation, and other cool projects. Registration will open soon. If you are interested, let us know!
  • Cheese Making- more details will be posted soon.
  • Bee Keeping- more details will be posted soon.
  • Chicken Weekend Workshop- more details will be posted soon.


  • Community Gathering – the last Saturday of every month. We have a fire unless it is too hot, share food and stories, play games and just enjoy one another’s company. This is a potluck but we usually supply the main course.
  • Cedar Board Dinner and Storytelling – this is currently in planning stages. This will be a dinner served on cedar boards, and we will gather around the fire to listen to the stories of our guest Cherokee Storyteller.

General Rules

  • 11 and younger must be accompanied by an adult
  • 12 and older can be dropped off. Parents are welcome to stay and often do.
  • Clothing and Shoes
    • Appropriate dress for the season is requested. We have found that wearing layers works best as the early part of the day can be cool whereas the afternoons can get warm, even into Oct/Nov.
    • Closed toe shoes are important. There are brambles and critters and we would like to protect all the toes.
  • Water: We supply fresh, clean drinking water but ask that our students bring their own water bottles. We spend a lot of time outside and want everyone to stay hydrated.
  • Bug sprays: Bring your own favorite bug spray if you would like. We do not really use anything other than essential oils.
  • Wildlife: There are many creatures sharing the land with us such as deer, fox, raccoons, possum, bobcat, coyote, hogs, black bears, turtles, snakes, rabbits and a variety of birds. We will do a wildlife safety session with everyone.
  • Ranch Animals: We have some strict rules about our ranch animals that we ask all guests to follow.
    • Rule #1: No chasing animals! Everyone will get lots of time to interact with their favorite animals, but we want to minimize the impact on our critters.
    • Rule #2: Animals can only be fed certain foods. You are welcome to bring things from home to feed the critters as long as they are on the list. If you aren’t sure, reach out and ask.
      • Horses: Carrots, apples, watermelon
      • Chickens: veggies, grains, worms, bugs

FAQ Answers

  • Parents are welcome to hang out, participate, work, take a nap, wander around, whatever you want to do.
  • Pets are welcome on a leash but need to be cleaned up after (we have shovels for this).
  • Yes, there are spiders and snakes but we help you avoid them.
  • Yes, there are bees, wasps and a variety of other flying insects but we teach bug safety. We have homeopathic remedies and a first aid kit on hand if needed for bites, stings, wounds, etc. If your person has any type of serious allergic reaction to bees or anything really, be sure and have your emergency treatment with you, for example, an epi pen.