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Help us teach the next generations!

For 25 years we talked about buying some land and growing our own food. But until 2 years ago, talk was all it was. It took a world-wide pandemic to shake us out of our comfort zone. We wondered if the food supply would change, if prices would start to go up, if we were safe. We worried about the next generation, if they were learning the things they needed to survive AND thrive, to be independent and self-sufficient. 

We became interested in discovering, preserving and teaching an almost forgotten way of life to younger generations, a traditional Cherokee life way. For thousands of years, the Cherokee managed to live in harmony with the land around them, enjoyed bountiful harvests, and built collaborative and mutually beneficial networks. Their way of life was highly sustainable and teaching children was a priority. The Cherokee knew and taught that each person’s time walking on this land is fleeting, and that we all have a responsibility to act as caretakers of this world and serve as teachers for the next generation. Earlier this year we incorporated as a 501c3 nonprofit, so that we could raise funds to provide this education free of charge to those who can’t afford to purchase it.

The Family

Please consider contributing today – your donation of any amount provides necessary funds for sharing this knowledge with generations to come.

For the remainder of 2022, we are fundraising for an underground greenhouse that will allow us to grow plants and provide horticulture lessons all year long.

Donate Now

Minimum price: $5.00

Lsr Greenhouse Donations
  • $350 contractor to build out the interior
  • $800 plant lights
  • $900 planting containers and benches
  • $1,000 digger rental
  • $1,200 roof panels
  • $1,500 wood to frame sides and ceiling, stairs and doors
  • $3,000 water and electric set-up 
  • $800 plant starts, seeds, dirt, and food 
We will be updating this page weekly to share the amount funded. 
If you want to help us by donating your labor or materials, please contact us directly.