Howdy folks! I am Perfection, one of the hens here at Longshadows Ranch. I like things to be neat and orderly. I run around all day looking for bugs and worms and hanging out with my sister-hens. Your monthly sponsorship helps me eat the yummiest chicken feed through the winter and keep fresh hay in the coop. Hope to meet you one day!

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Perfection 1 Perfection

Perfection is a Cinnamon Queen. She has a large, floppy comb, light brown feathers and is very friendly. She is good with all ages and will tolerate being picked up and pet. She was named as she is because she was very bare when we got her, but this fall her feathers grew back in and now she is very pretty. Absolutely perfect!

Meet Perfection! Here is a short video clip of her and Brian:

 * The sponsor a pet program is a monthly subscription. You can choose the amount of your sponsorship, although we do have a minimum of $5. There are multiple sponsors per animal and overflow funds go toward our internship programs.


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