Howdy folks! I’m Smoochums, a chicken at Longshadows Ranch. I think I am the friendliest chicken and I lay an egg every day. I spend my days searching for bugs and worms and hanging out with the other hens. Your monthly sponsorship helps me eat the yummiest chicken feed through the winter and keeps fresh hay in the coop. See you soon!

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Chicken Smoochums1 Chicken Smoochums2

Smoochums is a sassy girl- we can hardly walk into the coop without her reminding us that we must have forgotten her snack. She is not shy, often one of the first chickens to run up and say hi to newcomers. She is a Cinnamon Queen and very good egg-layer.

Meet Smoochums! Here is a short video clip of her and Brian:

 * The sponsor a pet program is a monthly subscription. You can choose the amount of your sponsorship, although we do have a minimum of $5. There are multiple sponsors per animal and overflow funds go toward our internship programs.


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