Howdy folks! I am Worf, THE rooster at Longshadows Ranch. I spend my days searching for bugs and worms and keeping my hens in line. Your monthly sponsorship helps me eat the yummiest chicken feed through the winter and keep fresh hay in the coop. See ya around!

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Worf Photo 3

Worf is the only rooster at Longshadows Ranch. He is a mixed breed chicken and is named after a famous TV character from Star Trek. The TV Worf was from another planet and was a fierce warrior. And, our Worf, is quite the scaredy cat, only really trying to protect himself. If there is a predator, or even just a weird noise, he is the first one to run for cover. He is scared of us, but he doesn’t attack us like other roosters might. His favorite treats are caterpillars and blackberries. Even though he is not the best protector from predators, Worf is a very caring rooster. He will dig and scratch for the hens, calling them over when he finds the bugs

Meet Worf! Here is a short video clip of Worf and Brian:


 * The sponsor a pet program is a monthly subscription. You can choose the amount of your sponsorship, although we do have a minimum of $5. There are multiple sponsors per animal and overflow funds go toward our internship programs.


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