Howdy, I’m Kai! I spent most of my life walking trails with folks enjoying a ride. Now I live at Longshadows Ranch and spend my days wandering around the pasture eating all day long. I like to be loved by everyone. My favorite treat is a crunchy apple.

I am getting older and just started eating senior grains once a day. Your monthly sponsorship helps pay for my feed which fills me up with all kinds of good nutrients. I hope to meet you one day and would love to give you a ride around the paddock.

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Kai is a very gentle and kind horse. He is called a paint and is about 20 years old. His favorite treats are apples. He is a retired trail horse so he’s very good with everybody. He has a small nick in his right eyelid from when he was young and he has allergies to pollen now and again. But no matter what is going on, Kai is a very patient horse and tries to do what you ask of him, even if he’s not sure of what it is. Kai is good for all ages.

Meet Kai! Here is a short video clip of Kai and Sophia:

 * The sponsor a pet program is a monthly subscription. You can choose the amount of your sponsorship, although we do have a minimum of $5. Kai is also on senior feed and has a higher food cost. There are multiple sponsors per animal and overflow funds go toward our internship programs.


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