Hi there, I’m Lila! I am a white mare with personality plus. I really like to eat just about anything you give me, especially carrots, apples, watermelon, and persimmons. When you come to visit I will let you pet me and we can spend time getting to know one another.

Your monthly sponsorship helps me eat a good quality dried grass, called hay, all winter long. I also get extra vitamins and minerals from a salt and mineral block that I can lick whenever my body needs salt. And it also helps keep my barn dry, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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Lila is a very sassy and stubborn horse. She’s in her early twenties and is the most energetic of our horses. She’s the first to start running when we call them up to the house and she enjoys bucking. Her favorite thing in the world is treats and she’ll eat just about anything that’s safe for horses. Her favorite treat is watermelon, rinds and all. She will do anything for food and sometimes we use this as a training tool. Lila is reserved for very experienced riders for now. As her training progresses she will eventually be great for our less experienced horse folks. Lila is the favorite of many of our guests and sponsors.

Here is a short video clip of Lila and Sophia:


* The sponsor a pet program is a monthly subscription. You can choose the amount of your sponsorship, although we do have a minimum of $5. There are multiple sponsors per animal and overflow funds go toward our internship programs.


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