E-Book: Life Lessons from Longshadows Ranch


Are you looking for the tools to help your children become confident and selfsufficient? Look no further! Our Life Lessons ebook is here to help! With 12 lessons and additional resources, you can provide your children with the skills they need to become independent and successful. Give your children the best start in life with our Life Lessons ebook!

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The Longshadows Ranch Life Lessons are one of the secret ingredients to raising strong, confident, self-sufficient humans. Each lesson contains a list of skills and the covered topics. Recommended ages and appropriate teachers are identified for each lesson. The “WHY” of each lesson is carefully explained and is followed by successful teaching concepts and strategies. Resources are provided for additional knowledge and help. Each lesson is structured so that it can be taught in the way that best serves each family or group. Regardless of the age of the children, these lessons are designed to help you teach core concepts and skills. Families using these lessons are seeing change and growth as they work their way through each one.

The speed at which you teach is completely up to you. Some children pick up concepts and form new behaviors quickly while others take a longer time. The current average teaching time is 1 year, or 1 per month. This allows for full adaptation to new ways of interacting as a family. Delivered in a beautiful and illustrated eBook format, these 12 core lessons can be used with any notepad, phone or computer as well as in print format where you can make notes of your own. Perhaps it is something you can pass on to your children when they reach the age of becoming parents themselves, a reminder of you every time they read a handwritten note in the margin.


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