1 gallon raw cow’s milk. This item must be pre-ordered and pre-paid. Limit is 2 per customer.

This must be picked up from the ranch. We do not sell off ranch nor do we deliver. It’s the law…we would if we could 🙂

See important information below about pick-up.

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Raw cow’s milk from animals on non-treated pasture and never grained. We have a few extra gallons of milk on Mon, Wed and Fri mornings that we are happy to sell. We use the rest of what we get and if supply is low, then we may not have extra milk on those days.

The  best thing to do after you place your order is to contact us for the best pick-up day.

Important information about pick up: THE JAR

  • If you have a jar exactly like this one, bring it with you for a jar exchange.
  • You can purchase a jar from us for $10 on your first pick-up and then just bring the empty back when you get your next gallon.
  • Bring any 1 gallon container and we will fill it for you.
  • If you show up without a jar, that’s ok. But we will charge you $10 to send you home with one of ours. If we never see you again we can replace the jar. If you bring it back, we will refund you the $10 or if you are wanting more milk, you can simply jump straight into the jar exchange.
  • If you break the jar while it is in your care, well…as my grandad used to say, “If you broke it, you bought it.”

Special note for our homeschool class: we will assume you are picking up your stuff at the next Wed class following your order. So no need to reach out to arrange a pick-up day unless you are wanting to get it sooner. Same guidelines for THE JAR 🙂


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