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Our Products

Welcome to Longshadows Ranch online store!

You can either order online, visit us at the ranch to shop in person, or stop by a Farmers Market when they are open.

We prepare our food using natural, non-GMO and organic ingredients. We are not organic certified but we use no pesticides or other chemical agents on our food. We do not purchase staple ingredients unless they are certified organic. We eat the food we prepare for others and quality is very important to us, so we pass that quality on to you. 

These products are produced in a private residence that is exempt from government licensing and inspection under the Oklahoma Cottage Food law. Foods may contain allergens. We do not ship perishable food items; they must be picked up in person. If you are close enough to us, we may be able to deliver or arrange a pick-up spot halfway for your order.

Prepared Foods

Here at Longshadows Ranch we cook almost everything from scratch! Many of our guests have commented on the tastiness of the food we serve during their stay and have encouraged us to offer it to others. Because Oklahoma has some of the best cottage food laws, we decided to venture into this arena. Note: Prepared foods can be purchased online, but have to be picked up or delivered in person either at one of the Farmer’s Markets or here at the ranch.

Herbal Tea Blends

We grow and formulate our herbal tea blends right here on the ranch. We use lemon balm, a naturally caffeine-free plant, as the base of all our blends. We then add other medicinal herbs to achieve great immune support. When we cannot grow them ourselves, we source herbs from certified organic growers. These are blends that Eli has used with her patients for almost 20 years!

Herbs & Spices

We grow as many of our herbs and spices as the climate allows here in the NE of Oklahoma. When we cannot grow them ourselves, we source from certified organic growers. We use our herbs both for cooking and for medicine! 

General Store


We grow as much of our own food as we can and when we have extra we make it available to others. We do not ship produce but it can be picked up from us at the Farmers Market or from the Ranch. We do not use GMO seeds, plants or pesticides, so sometimes the bugs get the food and sometimes we do. We use enzymes, diatomaceous earth, lime and good old fashioned “picking off the bugs” to control our pests. We also create a healthy environment so the plants have the best chance of fighting off pests on their own.

Depending on the season, weather and Farmers Market traffic we typically have:

  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Lettuces (bibb, romaine, leaf, arugula)
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Squash