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Hello everyone, and welcome to The Birds & The Bees. My name is Brian, and I’m in charge of our chickens and bees here at Longshadows Ranch. In this blog, I talk about our chickens and our beehives, which I take care of. Here on the ranch, we have 8 chickens, a rooster, and 2 beehives, although we do have plans to expand our flock. So whether you are interested in getting chickens, wanting to learn about bees, or just seeing what we do with our animals, I hope you can find some use from my blog. 




Duck Beginnings

When we first started our journey here at Longshadows Ranch, I had no idea that you could keep ducks as poultry- having chickens was far-fetched

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Bee Beginings

Bee Beginnings

I am currently in the process of deciding where the beehive will go. The location of a beehive is very important, and if done incorrectly,

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