Salve of the Ancients, 1 oz


A beeswax and oil salve that contains botanical ingredients known to be healing for the skin. Common uses include after mild burns, bumps and scrapes. Rubs in easily and has a mild and pleasant clove smell. This is a formula Dr. Eli has used for over 17 years with many of her patients, friends and family.

1 oz

Ingredients: calendula flowers, organic olive oil, bee wax, Vitamin E, essential oil of clove, Arn 200C, Calend 200C, Led 200C, Staph 200C, Urt 200C. 

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What is so special about Salve of the Ancients?

This particular salve contains several well-researched ingredients that are healing for the skin. Many of these ingredients have been used for thousands of years by medicine women and men, including Cherokee healers. Today, researchers around the globe are publishing findings on many wonderful plants and other natural substances.

Calendula officinalis flowers

A type of marigold, this plant is a very easy herb to grow on your own. The most common use for this is as a poultice for skin that has been wounded, burned, cut or otherwise damaged. Research has established that this herb can help wounds heal faster, improves skin hydration and firmness and helps prevent dermatitis or skin inflammation during radiation therapy.

Organic olive oil

Well known for its health benefits when used as a food, topical olive oil has medicinal actions as well. When used topically, olive oil can help skin wounds heal faster. It is also hydrating and soothing.

Bee wax

Research can easily be found for the healing benefits of bee wax including wound healing, pain management, antiseptic properties, hydrating and conditioning and so much more. It is truly medicine of the earth.

Vitamin E

Used topically, Vitamin E has been shown to speed wound healing and has an anti-inflammatory action on the skin. It is an antoxidant and therefore protects against free radical damage.

Essential oil of clove

Used in part for it aroma, clove does have antiseptic properties. There is not enough in this formula to use it in that way.

There are no harsh chemicals to irritate skin or toxins to overload the system. This is one of our favorite salves! We hope you love it too.

We use the same salves we make for you.  Quality and  health are important to us, so we prepare everything from scratch in our kitchens. Long Shadows Ranch uses natural, non-GMO and organic ingredients. We’re not organic certified, but we don’t use pesticides or other chemical agents on our ranch. All staple ingredients we purchase to prepare salves are certified organic.


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Vitamin E.