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You have found your way to the online home and blog of Longshadows Ranch.

We are a family of 4 creating a homestead, learning how to be self-sufficient in many ways and sharing our journey with like-minded folks. We hope to be a resource for people thinking of, just starting or well on the way on a journey like ours.

Every week we will post on the main blog, Ranch News, with ranch updates, events and opportunities. Less frequently we will post on our own individual blogs.

Take a look at our first post and get the beginning of the Longshadows Ranch story: The Journey Begins.


Duck Beginnings

When we first started our journey here at Longshadows Ranch, I had no idea that you could keep ducks as poultry- having chickens was far-fetched enough for me, let alone waterfowl. However, now that we

Don't Start Anything New

Not your typical homestead…

The other day, Sophia got a fortune cookie that said, “Don’t start anything new unless you can see how to finish it.” It got me thinking. When we set out on this journey of building

Bread Shop

French Quarter sourdough bread with Brian!

We have gotten so many requests for how to make our French Quarter sourdough bread, about ingredients and other general sourdough bread questions that we made a video! Sourdough with Brian. Let us know what