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You have found your way to the online home and blog of Longshadows Ranch.

We are a family of 4 creating a homestead, learning how to be self-sufficient in many ways and sharing our journey with like-minded folks. We hope to be a resource for people thinking of, just starting or well on the way on a journey like ours.

Every week we will post on the main blog, Ranch News, with ranch updates, events and opportunities. Less frequently we will post on our own individual blogs.

Take a look at our first post and get the beginning of the Longshadows Ranch story: The Journey Begins.

Early Morning Ride

When the Land Calls

Both Brian and I cannot really say either of us grew up on a farm. What we can say is that in our childhood and at times throughout our grown-up years, we each spent time

Josey And Lila

Introduction to Stall Talk

Hello everyone, my name is Sophia and I am in charge of Stall Talk. Stall Talk Is about our two current horses and any future horses/ponies/mini horses/donkeys/mules we might have. At the moment we have

Bee Beginings

Bee Beginnings

I am currently in the process of deciding where the beehive will go. The location of a beehive is very important, and if done incorrectly, will cause problems later on. I had a unique set

Tea Shop

Welcome to Nature Cure on the Homestead

This blog is where I tell the story of the home, garden and health of Longshadows Ranch. There is no specific plan for the story, just a recounting of the things we do every day