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Josey and Lila

Introduction to Stall Talk


Hello everyone, my name is Sophia and I am in charge of Stall Talk. Stall Talk Is about our two current horses and any future horses/ponies/mini horses/donkeys/mules we might have. At the moment we have two horses, Lila and Josey. Lila is an old gray mare and Josey is a quarter horse. We don’t know their exact age, but we do know that they are both in their mid-twenties and that Josey is the older of our two horses. I have wanted horses for years and when we moved to Longshadows Ranch last July, my dream came true. The 15 acres we bought came with two horses. In Stall Talk I am going to do weekly updates about our horses. The weekly posts I am going to do will be what has happened during the week and I might do it twice a week sometimes if I am doing something that doesn’t fit into just one post. Stall Talk isn’t meant to be instructions on how to do something like training, it is meant to be our journey and what we have done/are doing along the way. 

Lila is an old gray mare. She has some brown spots on her that you can’t see unless you are looking. She is a beautiful and kind horse,  but sometimes she can be a bit moody! The pictures below are of Lila last year without her halter. 

Josey is our Quarter Horse. She is brown and grows a fluffy winter coat. In the summer she becomes a bronze color and in the winter it’s just a brown color. She is kind, loves attention, and gets super jealous when Lila gets more attention than her. She is also the lead mare. The pictures below are from last year, she is very photogenic! I hope you are having a great day or night and that you will enjoy Stall Talk.

If you have any questions I look forward to answering them if I can, see you in my blogs!

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