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Introducing Pick, Shovel, Hammer and Saw


Welcome to that corner of our site called ‘Pick, Shovel, Hammer and Saw’. It is my very own slice of the pie where I get to tell you about bringing some semblance of order out of our land that had been allowed to be a wild place.  Nothing wrong with that, mind you, if that is what you want.  It is just that land that without purpose is what is called wasteland.  Certainly doesn’t fit the bill for our vision.

Well, when I got here my hands were itching for the feel of the handles of the axe and shovel.  I have always been an outdoors guy.  A physical labor kind of guy.  This enforced idleness of the past year was….difficult.  I was more than ready to get back outside and sweat.

First thing for me was to walk the land.  It is just beautiful.  We have about 15 acres of pasture occupied by two horses (the Hobo’s) and the usual assortment of critters: deer, rabbits, opossum, and the like.  All of that dirt doing nothing but being dirt and growing assorted bushes, weeds, brambles and about 46,000 persimmon trees.

So, the first couple of months were spent making plans.  Laying out the garden area (50’ x 100’), tagging trees that had to be removed due to age and damage, clearing the overgrown sections of fence line (about 4,000 feet of barbed wire), working with the pond to make it happy and healthy. Building the chicken coop.  There’s quite a list that will keep me off the streets and out of the bars until I’m in my 80s.

The rhythm of Long Shadows is captivating for me. What could be better than sitting on the back porch with a fresh cup of joe, watching the sunrise and the world come awake.  I look out to the East and can watch the horses moving through the mist by the pond.  I usually spend about 30 minutes out there and then suddenly realize it’s been two hours!

So, this is the first of many blogs from me.  As I said, there are lots of projects to work on and I hope you’ll keep me company over the next few years.


‘Life Begins Where the Pavement Ends’   


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