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Life Lessons

From Longshadows Ranch

The Longshadows Ranch Life Lessons are one of the secret ingredients to raising strong, confident, self-sufficient humans.

Life Lessons

From Longshadows Ranch

The Longshadows Ranch Life Lessons are one of the secret ingredients to raising strong, confident, self-sufficient humans.

The Longshadows Ranch Life Lessons are one of the secret ingredients to raising strong, confident, self-sufficient humans. Each lesson contains a list of skills and the covered topics. Recommended ages and appropriate teachers are identified for each lesson. The “WHY” of each lesson is carefully explained and is followed by successful teaching concepts and strategies. Resources are provided for additional knowledge and help. Lessons are structured so they can be taught in the way that best serves each family or group. Regardless of the age of the children, these lessons are designed to help you teach core concepts and skills. Families using these lessons are seeing change and growth as they work their way through each one. 

The speed at which you teach is completely up to you. Some children pick up concepts and form new behaviors quickly while others take a longer time. The current average teaching time is 1 year, or 1 per month. This allows for full adaptation to new ways of interacting as a family. Delivered in a beautiful and illustrated eBook format, these 12 core lessons can be used with any notepad, phone or computer as well as in print format where you can make notes of your own. Perhaps this is something you can pass on to your children when they reach the age of becoming parents themselves, a reminder of you every time they read a handwritten note in the margin.

Lesson list:

  • Meal Planning
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Cooking 101
  • House Cleaning
  • Bedroom Cleaning
  • Dishes
  • Laundry
  • Routines
  • Yardwork
  • Pets
  • Social Etiquette
  • Self-care

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Get an easy-to-follow guide that can help you raise strong, confident, self-sufficient humans.
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All proceeds of the Life Lessons package go to support the teaching activities and events held at Longshadows Ranch for all children, especially those with fewer resources than others. For more information on our projects, visit our blog at

Do you believe in what we are doing and want to help out? Visit our donate page to see what we need and choose how to help us.

Why are these so important to us?

Brian and Eli have done 2 rounds of parenting. The first was with their eldest, Tony, and then when he was 25ish, started on round 2 with 2 more. Brian, the elder, and Sophia, the youngest, joined our family when they were just babies, 1 and 2 years old. Just a couple of years before our planned retirement. We would not change a thing as life has been wondrous and an adventure – keeping us young at heart. And, now they have entered their teenage years and we are (all) enjoying the fruits of the seeds we have been sowing for over 10 years. What seeds you might be wondering?

Parents have a job to do when they decide to bring new life into the world. This job of parenting has a job description. A parent commits to raising self-sufficient, confident, kind, and productive members of society. We make a contract with the creator that we will teach them the things we believe they need to know and guide them in discovering things we didn’t know to teach them.

We believe we are to love unconditionally. We are to be honest, and encouraging and mete out consequences, when necessary, as promised. We hold their hands and hug them through consequences of their own making and totally out of our control. We speak to them with respect to show them how this is done. We work beside them as we are teaching to show them how things CAN be done. We welcome their ideas and solutions and stand ready to deliver knowledge and wisdom when asked.

As we strive to achieve this with our current teenagers, and youth visiting the ranch, we have realized that there are many core lessons that we teach from a very young age. We have also realized, that like ourselves, many parents of the previous generation, or two, simply didn’t know to teach these lessons to our parents and then to us. We have had many guests keenly interested in how we parent as they have experienced how the family runs firsthand. Many people encouraged us to put together a guide to help others. So, we did.

The first collection, volume 1, contains 12 core lessons. Most of these lessons can begin at a very young age, but can also be implemented at any age, such as in the teenage years. As these lessons are learned and incorporated into everyday life, harmony ensues. People become more aware of their actions toward one another, communication instead of pure reactions start to happen and their independence and confidence soar.

It is our most sincere hope that you will find these useful for your family. Ultimately, it can take a year to master these first 12. By the time that happens, and if people want more of these, we will produce volume 2. If no one really wants this, we will continue what we do in our family but we are unlikely to pour our hearts and souls into creating additional collections. We will see how it goes!

Before we launch our kiddos out into the world, they must be able to feed and shelter themselves, pay what bills they commit to, build a supportive, healthy social network (in person), keep their dwelling clean of vermin and disarray, discern what is truth and when they are being manipulated, and so much more.

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Visiting Longshadows Ranch

People are welcome to visit us and spend a day or a week or even longer experiencing what it means to live on a homestead farm and helping us out as we live our daily lives. You will see us using these life lessons every day plus a whole lot more. This is real life experience, nothing is staged. You basically join us in doing what we would normally do, although, we make sure there is time for chatting and sharing meals! Visit us online at to learn more. Hope to see you soon!

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