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You have found your way to the online home and blog of Longshadows Ranch.

We are a family of 4 creating a homestead, learning how to be self-sufficient in many ways and sharing our journey with like-minded folks. We hope to be a resource for people thinking of, just starting or well on the way on a journey like ours.

Every week we will post on the main blog, Ranch News, with ranch updates, events and opportunities. Less frequently we will post on our own individual blogs.

Take a look at our first post and get the beginning of the Longshadows Ranch story: The Journey Begins.

Recent posts:

The Birds & The Bees

Duck Beginnings

When we first started our journey here at Longshadows Ranch, I had no idea that you could keep ducks as poultry- having chickens was far-fetched

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Early Morning Ride
News from the Ranch

When the Land Calls

Both Brian and I cannot really say either of us grew up on a farm. What we can say is that in our childhood and

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We each have areas of special interest and expertise. Brian Michael does all the research and is main caretaker of our chickens and bees. Sophia has taken point on the horses but is always lending her brother a helping hand. Eli is all about nature cure, organic, healthy and does our gardening with lots of help, medicine (she is a doctor) and businessy stuff. Big Brian is the JACK of all trades and there is no project he won’t take on. From sinking fence posts to building chicken runs, he is the guy with the pick, shovel, hammer and saw. He even has his own lawn “tractor”. We each write about our adventures in our own blogs below.

Nature Cure on the Homestead

Nature Cure on the Homestead by Eli, boss of everything “in the house”, naturopathic doctor, writes about using natural medicine at home and on the homestead.

Pick, Shovel, Hammer and Saw

Pick, Shovel, Hammer and Saw is penned by none other than Brian Kuhn, himself, boss of everything other than inside the house. Here, he recounts and reports on, often in a humorous way, our building, remodeling, constructing and problem solving endeavors (note that these are often problems of our own making :-).

The Birds & The Bees

The Birds & The Bees is tended to by Brian M where he documents our adventures with chickens, bees and a variety of other animal projects. At 13, he is a published author of Fishkeeping for Kids and is looking forward to a profession in marine biology.

Stall Talk

Stall Talk, authored by Sophia, covers everything about horses starting with the two beautiful horses we inherited when we purchased this property. Sophia wants to be a large animal vet and one could almost say she likes animals better than people!