Cheese Spread made to order


Raw cow’s milk cheese spread. This is first made into a farmer’s cheese and then whipped into a spread. It comes in 1 size, 10 oz and a variety of flavors. Perfect on toast, bagels and crackers!

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We rarely have this in stock because we don’t like to freeze it. Turn around time for made to order Farmer’s Cheese Spread is 3 days. All cheese must be picked up from the ranch. We offer the following flavors, but do allow customization (you have to contact us after you order to customize):

Mediterranean – offers the flavors of the Mediterranean like basil, oregano, thyme and garlic. Perfect with any Italian food or on its own, it is a favorite at our house.

French Onion – a dill, garlic and onion blend that tastes just like French Onion dip. Whether sliced sliced thin on sandwiches or served with crackers, this one has everyone coming back for more.

Dill & Garlic – a wonderful blend of dill and garlic. Many of our cheese lovers eat this with toast in the morning or top their burgers and sandwiches. We can’t keep this one in stock!

Rosemary & Garlic – A wonderful cheese to serve with almost any meat, this cheese has ground rosemary and dried garlic infused. This is a cheese that goes well with just about any type of food.

TexMex – Enjoy the flavors of Mexico with oregano, garlic, cumin and chili. This is excellent grated on top of tacos or fajitas, or served with crackers and a cold drink on a hot summer day. We can make this spicy on request.

Plain – just milk and salt, it is also a favorite here at the ranch.


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